The Challenge

       I'm making up this Challenge for YOU. Yeah you! You've always wanted to write a freaking book right? Well what's stopping you? You're obviously sitting on a computer, so you've got all you need to write your book! Here's the challenge...
     Spend the next 21 days writing 2,000 words every day. Go on, I dare you. But here's the kicker! If you miss a day, you've got to start completely over from day one...yup I said it. Now let's set up some rules for this little chin dig... No you can't write the same word over and over again, Yes you can keep working on the same project if you have to start over. Yes all your writing counted in the challenge must go toward your Book.
     Now don't get too scared. I'm right there with you. I'll be taking my hand at this challenge as well. I was inspired by the 21 day bracelet challenge. This challenge has you wear a bracelet for 21 days without complaining, and if you do you've got to start over and switch hands the bracelet's on. The theory is it takes 21 days to form a new habit. I want to get to a point where writing 2,000 words is a habit that I just do.
     Go buy yourself a chart and some gold stickers, then write yourself a contract. Been wanting that new overpriced toaster? Well if you complete the challenge you get a new toaster! See what I mean... I'll be posting inspirational stuff, tips, and other things along this blog so stick around :)